On November 3rd HKY 770 was returned to Darlington for further refurishment

The Horn slip ring had de soldered itself, the recalibrated and repaired Speedo is in situ, the indicator lights are functional now, the water tempreture gauge is ready to replace the current one. The ignition light is ready to go in, various bits of the body work are being re-touched.


The Weber carbs have been removed and the original Jowett Zeniths will be put in there rightful place. A fully re conditioned water pump is ready to be fitted. The trim shop is on standby to play its part. The aim is to have the car back to Buxton for Christmas. The original Dennis Sparrow engine looks like being ready for re fitting in February. Thus the car will then go down to London to have that engine fitted and the running in process will ensure the car goes back down to 3000 RPM max once more!!!!

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