We were able to do a repeat of 4-11-06 (almost, well without the trailer anyway).

Doors, scuttle and wheels in Connaught green, new tyres on.

It is dusty but even so, note reflection in the door of photographer (me).

Spare wheel door hinged and in place (carrier and spare wheel in side)

New tyres in place and ready to roll (with a few more wheel nuts preferably)!

Ready for the engine!?!

This is not even the top coat and it shines better than my company Ford Mundeyno.

Steering wheel in place connected and working. Jowett Horn push ready to go in.


Wheels not balanced as modern balancing machines need a mod to balance such a large I/D as the Jowett wheel.

Too many holes! in spare wheel door, will be filling them as too many lights were fitted when it was last on the road (1971).


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