Sept 08        

So the story starts in Bradford as most good stories do. The car a LHD Jowett Jupiter Series 1a was sold to a US serviceman located in France. Several years later, in 1965 actually  he took it back to the USA when his tour of duty ended. He apparently suffered from endless engine problems, and in 1967 abandoned the car in the scrap yard. Many years later a very far sighted American in Virginia spotted the Jupiter and realising it was far to good to let go to waste  retrieved it from the wicked scrapman, sadly lacking all the interior and instruments. Now this means that he stored the for 33 years and the sight that greated Victor Boddy is as the picture you have just clicked upon. Please read on as the restoration gathers pace.


Light dawns after 33 years

It reveals a very sad E3 SCL 990

Part of a blueprint 149 series 3 engine.

and a lot of hard work to do.

You can see Vic asking himself "what have I done!"

Sunshine helps put a brave face on things one all the bits are bolted back together

Not so bad really (who's kidding who)?

Upon receipt in France Vic has started a systematic disassembly operation